We are pleased to announce another return to archery. Due to the recent changes in the Welsh Government Covid regulations we can now shoot indoor or Outdoors, Please continue to contact Derek Perkins to book your place we are still social distancing and wearing masks inside when we are not shooting.


We are pleased to announce a return to archery due, to the recent changes in the Welsh Government Covid regulations. As of Friday 7 May, our organised outdoor sporting activities can take place for groups of up to 30 people of any age. This means clubs can now return to archery with a total of 30 people (OUTSIDE) on the field at any one time. This number has to include archers, coaches and anyone else on the field and everyone involved must continue to follow the 2 metre social distancing rules. There must be a minimum distance of 3.66 metres between target boss centres and only families or those in a bubble can share a target. Archers from different households cannot share a target. All previous rules around not sharing and sanitising equipment still apply.
YOU WILL NEED TO BOOK YOUR PLACE with Derek Perkins either call or email him. Please ensure that you bring your mask, and that your membership is up to date.


The AGM scheduled for the last shooting day in January has been Postponed and will be re-scheduled as soon as conditions are more suitable.


Sorry to have to advise you that our shooting at The Anglesey Showground has been Suspended until further notice in line with the governments Covid 19 regulations. We will advise you when we are allowed to reopen.


Yesterday we met in the showground, our new venue, where we awarded Dai Jones an Honorary Membership of Gwynedd Bowman and also gave him some bits to remember us by, Dai will be missed greatly. Good luck to him and his Family in South Wales.

Dai’s Honorary Membership Presentation
Dai’s Award
Dai’s award 2

The new shooting venue was a great success, just look at the space below.

The Range, still room for more Bosses
The Shooting Line


First the bad news. After many many years Dai Jones is leaving us, he is moving home to South Wales where the family are residing, he will be a great loss to the club and his boots will be hard to fill, I am sure like I do, you wish him and his wife well in their new location.

Alan Wilkes has been co-opted  to take on some of the work that Dai did, Secretary for one and also organising the beginners courses. All to be sorted at the next AGM.

We are getting no response from Bodedern School with regards to shooting, so we have been looking very hard for a new suitable location, for both indoor and outdoors.

One of many locations we looked at was The Anglesey Showground near Gwalchmai on A5. We have measured up, completed the mandatory risk assessments for Archery GB and also for Covid19 and we have today reached an agreement with the showground to allow us to shoot there twice per week, Fridays and Sundays, starting after the lock down. The Showground venue is now registered with Archery GB so that covers the insurance, the ground is for target shooting only, no Clout or Flight.

The first Friday would be 13th November at 6.00pm but I am not superstitious. There is lots to do first, as all of the equipment is at the school and we are not allowed out until Monday 9th November. So that will be the start of a busy week, erecting backstop netting and so on. We will be shooting inside building C and parking is just outside of the door labelled 001 Please see the attached map, in the summer we can shoot outside on Field 008 with parking on the ground opposite.

Don’t Forget if you have not paid your membership fees you will not be able to shoot, you will be able to pay on the night, this will allow you to shoot.

Paul Mullins and Derek Perkins come away with awards from North Wales W25. Paul used 2 different flatbows but Derek stuck to his trusty longbow.20180128_191615_hdr.jpg