Our Next Course starting on Saturday 22 Jan 2022 and is now fully booked, the next course will be in September 2022
The beginners archery classes  take place in a friendly indoor venue that welcomes beginners from as young as eight to eighty plus years old. You will be given all the equipment and paraphernalia you will need along with a fully qualified coach. This is a 6 session event usually 1 session per week on a Saturday.
The bow and arrow is essentially a weapon so all courses are strictly run under very stringent safety rules. These rules will be explained to you so you can enjoy the sport safely.
You will start with an introduction to the kit and the terminology used, your draw length will be assessed then a bow and a set of
arrows will be assigned to you which you will use for the duration of the course. You’ll be shown how to set up your bow including attaching the limbs to the riser and learning how to ‘string’ the bow. You will be shown the correct stance and etiquette on the shooting line with the bow pointing toward the target and how to load the bow by placing the shaft of the arrow on the arrow rest and complete the loading by ‘nocking the arrow’ – that is placing the rear end of the arrow onto the string. Then you’ll take aim and release!
Further along you’ll be shown how to use a bow sight and which way to move it  to get the best out of every shot. Towards the end of the course there should be an opportunity to have a go at the three main bow types. The recurve bow you will already be familiar with, if available you will be able to shoot the club longbow and compound bow.
The cost is £50 per person and juniors must be accompanied by an adult. We provide all of the necessary archery equipment that will be needed, and insurance. All of our coaches are qualified by our governing body – Archery GB.
We advise not to purchase any equipment until the course is over at which time you should join a club, ours hopefully, to ensure that you have insurance and a safe place to practice the sport, if you join our club you may  use the club equipment until your own can be purchased.
If you wish to proceed, request the enrolment form, the courses fill up very quickly and when they are full we cannot accept more.