Gwynedd Bowmen – ArcheryGB progress awards

This introduces the ArcheryGB progress award scheme as applied by Gwynedd Bowmen.  At this stage we will run it for younger archers, up to
and including AS2 age level.

This is not a replacement for FITA Feather and Arrow awards – these continue as before, providing challenging and enjoyable goals for
shooting indoors.  ArcheryGB Progress Awards will run as outdoor awards, to encourage shooting at 30 metres and more.

The scheme is open to all bowstyles.  Awards are based on minimum scores at given distances.  There are different score requirements
depending on age bands and for lady and gentlemen archers.

Archers shoot 36 arrows in six sets of six.  Two sets of six may be shot as sighters/warming up.  Score sheets must be completed and
submitted to claim awards.  Once an award is achieved in your age band, you may only claim higher awards in subsequent shoots (you cannot
work backwards – If you gain a red badge, you cannot then go on to score a black one for instance).  As with the FITA feathers and arrows,
there needs to be a specific shoot arranged for archers to go for these awards.  There will need to be an adult scorer to sign that the score
recorded has been achieved.

The Gold Badge is very challenging.  Archers achieving this get their names published in Archery UK magazine.

Unlike FITA Feathers and Arrows, badges must be paid for - £2.00, supplied at cost.

More information, including the score tables can be found at;-                


A stock of score tables, and target forms are held by Arthur Sutton.