FITA feathers and arrows

This is the scheme used by Gwynedd Bowmen to recognize progress and achievement for beginners.
As the theory and practical side is covered by the training course, the focus for many archers is in achieving the full set of “arrows”
up to gold. It is an indoor award only.

At the conclusion of the initial training course, a target shoot is arranged so that new archers can go for the white badge, and if possible,
progress through the other colours.  At Gwynedd Bowmen we believe that all archers in the club should have something to aim for
(if you will forgive the pun) and club members may also shoot for these awards at the same time.

Red and Gold feather awards are available.  These are designed for beginners under 12 years old and some disabled new archers.
It is up to your coach to decide when you are ready for this award.  For the red feather, 12 hits are required on a target face at 6 metres.  
For the gold feather, 12 hits are required at 8 metres.

Arrow awards from white to gold are available from age 12, requiring a score of 115 (out of a maximum possible 150) at varying distances.