Gwynedd Bowmen achievement and recognition schemes
Gwynedd Bowmen now run three specific schemes to encourage archers to develop and improve their shooting skills.  
Each scheme has a series of awards that rise in difficulty, and are available to different groups of people.  
At Gwynedd Bowmen, we structure these awards to encourage both indoor and outdoor shooting.  Unfortunately,
the weather this year has been appalling, especially on Friday evenings!  For that reason, few outdoor awards have
been achieved so far, but hopefully next year’s hot, dry, and calm weather will see these really take off.

For outdoor awards, the Bodedern school venue is available during the Friday evening club sessions,
weather and light permitting.  The Llangefni Rugby Club venue is also generally available on Sundays
by arrangement.  See Nick for details.

FITA arrow awards are indoor awards geared towards beginners, but are available to all archers seeking to
improve their indoor shooting skills.  Dai Jones co-ordinates the awards for this scheme.  Archery GB progress
awards are outdoor awards available to younger archers up to AS2 school age.
252 awards are also outdoor awards available to all archers attending club shooting sessions.  The 252 and Archery GB
shoots are similar in their organisation and Arthur Sutton co-ordinates these two schemes.

Any queries can be directed to Arthur at arthursutton415@btinternet.com

More detailed information is below