Club Records
               Gwynedd Bowmen – Club Records Rules

Gwynedd Bowmen keeps a record of scores achieved by members at competition, and club target days.  We also maintain details of records achieved by members.  These
are displayed on our website.  They are recorded separately for adults, juniors, ladies, and gentlemen, and bowstyle.  Please refer to the website where the items recorded
and the method is set out.

Rules are needed for the sake of fairness and good order. If there are any doubts or questions about their application or interpretation, these should be brought to the attention
of the Records Officer in the first instance.

It is the archer’s responsibility to claim a club record.  A record may be claimed when a score is achieved which exceeds the current record by one point or more, or where
a record is vacant.  If two or more archers claim a record for the same date and scores are equal, normal tie-break rules apply, involving hits, gold’s, X’s etc.  Exceptionally,
where it is not possible to apply a tie-break the record may be awarded jointly.

Gwynedd Bowmen follow generally accepted rules that recognise which rounds may be claimed.  This can be complicated because GNAS and FITA have different rules.  
For metric rounds – those measured in metres, each specific round may be claimed.  For example, a double FITA 18 gives the opportunity to claim the double score record,
and either the first or second of the rounds shot.  For Imperial rounds, those measured in yards, where a double round is shot, the double score may be claimed, but only
the first single round may be claimed for the single round record.  The second single round may not be claimed.

Nested rounds may not be claimed.  Nested rounds are parts of a longer round shot in its own right.  For example, the first six dozen of a Western round equates to a
National round.  If you shoot a Western you cannot claim a National round record.  The only exception to this rule is the “distance” elements of the Gents FITA, Ladies FITA,
and the Metrics, where each 3 dozen arrows at set distances may be claimed separately in their own right.

Members are responsible for providing the Records Officer with details of their scores.  Where a tournament is organized by North Wales Clubs, the Records Officer will
obtain and collect the results sheet and update the club records.  If archers attend other tournaments they must notify the Records Officer and provide a copy of the results
sheet when it is available.

Gwynedd Bowmen does not differentiate achievement at competition, and Club Target Days.  However, Club Target Day records must be properly recorded and witnessed.  
A clear well-ordered score sheet must be provided which must include the archer’s name, signature, bowstyle, round shot, score, (tens and “x”s if appropriate), date, and the
name and signature of the witness who will usually be the scorer.  Noting the date of birth and GNAS number is desirable but not a requirement.  Juniors may not sign off
record claims for other archers.

Archers may shoot at another club's target day where shooting and scoring is carried out as far as practicable in accordance with Gwynedd Bowmen Club rules.  In such
cases the Records Officer will consider the score sheets submitted and if satisfied that the scores are adequately verified, may allow the record claim.  If in doubt the
Records Officer will be consulted and his/her decision will be final.  In all cases the Records Officer may seek additional verification of scores if thought appropriate.

Scores and claims must be submitted within 1 calendar month of the date of achievement.  This may be extended where a results sheet is published late, or at the
discretion of the Club Records Officer whose decision on this matter will be final.

Juniors may not claim senior records and seniors may not claim junior records.  Claims may be made for any recognised round, regardless of any age limitations imposed
at competition.  For example, a senior may shoot a Junior Western round and claim a club record.

A Junior for club record purposes is an archer achieving at a date when he or she is recorded as a junior club member, paying the junior club fee.

Certificates are awarded annually for records gained in the preceding calendar year.  They show the category, round, score, and date of each achievement.  The certificate
also includes records achieved but subsequently broken by another archer.

It is the archer’s responsibility to claim for records above club level – for example North Wales Archery Society, or Welsh Archery Association level or higher as the case
may be.  Current records are displayed on their respective websites along with claim forms and instructions about how to claim.  Be aware that they have their own rules
which may differ from ours.

Gwynedd Bowmen’s Record Officer has a stock of claim forms for NWAS and WAA.  Archers may submit these direct but Gwynedd Bowmen would like to maintain
a record, so please provide a copy of claims submitted.  NWAS Club Target Day claims are normally signed off by the Club Records Officer in any event.

Archers may claim other awards such as FITA Stars, Rose awards, Dragon awards, Gwynedd Bowmen 252, and ranking achievements JMB, MB, GMB in accordance with
the rules of the organisations running the schemes.  The Record Officer will generally be aware of these items and may alert the archer to them and give guidance, but
responsibility for seeking out and claiming such awards rests fully with the archer.

Tournament prizes, medals, and suchlike awards are the responsibility of the tournament organiser.  Similarly, any other awards or recognitions are the responsibility of the
organisers of such awards and not the club Records Officer.

Apparently spurious or deliberately false claims will be investigated, and will be referred to the Committee of Gwynedd Bowmen.  If such behaviour is considered to have
taken place the record will not be admitted.  Further, the Committee may decide that all other records recorded as achieved by the archer, and of any other persons involved
in the claim at any time may be struck out.

All archers agree to abide by these rules as a condition of making record claims, both in the letter, and spirit of the rules, and acting in a sportsmanlike manner.  Any
concerns or suggestions to improve these rules may be brought to the attention of the Records Officer, or any Committee member.